Real Money Online Poker on Tablet

Poker has never been more popular than it is today. It has exploded in popularity since the advent of online real money poker, and the continued success and development of new mobile technology and devices only boost the popularity of poker and casino games.

About the Tablet

But why play poker on a tablet when you can play on your desktop, laptop, netbook, and even smartphone? Technogeeks often have at least two, if not three of these options, but when it comes down to it there's always a favorite machine to game on. Desktops have long been favored by hardcore gamers thanks to the accessibility of swapping parts. Laptops and netbooks are portable workhorses - some even more powerful than their larger cousins. But the lines are more blurred when it comes to tablets versus smartphones.

Smartphones are faster and bigger than they ever have been. However, thanks to technology moving along at light speed, tablets are even bigger, faster, with more storage and large HD displays making even the simplest games stunning visually.

Why Play on a Tablet?

Playing real money poker is for some a serious past time, where they spend quite a long time on tournaments and ring games, making a living out of what some people would call a hobby. This means some players may spend hours upon hours playing. Who wants to be stuck at a desk that long?

But mobile play isn'’t only for the grinders. Most tablets have wifi, but a few have 3G as well. This means that no matter where you have internet, you can play poker. If you're very clever or stubborn, you could even hotspot your cell phone, and have wifi no matter where you are.

This means that you can play online real money poker anywhere at all. In a hammock in the back yard. At the family reunion that you can't escape, or maybe even just on lunch break at work. A laptop can heat up your lap and restricts where you can relax. A tablet is easily set up anywhere especially with the selection of cases and stands available now. You can play online real money poker in your hot tub, even! Just don't drop your device in the water!

The biggest benefit to online real money poker on a tablet versus simply using your smart phone is screen size. Size matters when you have a wide variety of games to choose from, tournaments to select, bets to place and calls to raise. On a smart phone, even one with an exceptionally large screen, these buttons are going to be very, very small. It can be very easy to hit the wrong button accidentally. A tablet gives you a much larger screen to use, making graphics even more stunning, text clear and sharp, and most importantly, larger and easier to use buttons.


The heart of the tablet is the software - with the two most popular options being iOS and Android.


Tablets do have the downfall of being a very expensive option. Their popularity is a great benefit, as there is a very wide selection of Apple accessories. Players can get cases, covers, styli, stands, and more. They can also sync all of their data with other Apple devices. This makes the Tablet even more tempting as nothing can be more annoying than having to juggle a bunch of different devices when you just wanted to sit down and play some poker for awhile.


Android tablets have the downfall of variety. This is because Android is not the producer of the device, it is simply the operating system. This means that you can have five different Android tablets in front of you, and each will be slightly different. The screen on one may have the best resolution, while another may be larger, and the next may have a faster processor. When it comes to an Android tablet you must do your research so you know what you are buying. You get what you pay for in some respects, but if you compare specs you can find some Android tablets that not only rival, but surpass iPads.

No Download Poker Rooms

Tablets may have quite a bit going for them, but flash and java are not. They severely limit the games players can enjoy on their iPad, which means that just about every no download poker room is inaccessible to tablet users.

Flash, however, can and does run on some versions of Android software. Check what software your tablet will come with before purchase - and always keep an eye on update notes, to see what new things are enabled or disabled. Java, however, may take a little more work to use on your android device. As Java does not run natively, if you want to use Java you must install an emulator. This is fairly easy to do, but may be out of reach for less technologically savvy users.

Downloadable Poker Apps

Depending on where you live, the iTunes market may seriously limit what real money poker apps are available for you to install on your tablet. Just because the selection of official games is small doesn’t mean that you can't play online real money poker, however. Some poker rooms offer downloadable software directly from their website, eschewing the app stores completely.