Privacy Policy

This policy explains and governs the manner in which collects and uses the information we obtain from visitors to the website. (referred to hereafter as “we”) collects a small amount of anonymous identification information from visitors to the website (referred to hereafter as “site”). While this information is not limited to your anonymous IP address, we avoid collecting personal information.

Your Anonymous IP Address

We use a proprietary analytics software to assist us in measuring and translating the volume of traffic which visits the site. In order to do this, we collect and use anonymous IP addresses. The tracking software we use collects only the beginning of your IP address. The last six digits are removed and are not stored. For example, if you were to visit our site from the IP address the only information retained or recorded is the 111.111. XXX.XXX.

While we do collect various usage statistics and visitor information, this anonymous data is kept to provide our advertisers and partners with usage and visitor information. Personal data, and IP addresses are not kept or stored. Visitors can feel comfortable knowing we do not sell or rent the data we collect. Usage statistics are kept only for the purpose of customizing and bettering the website, and providing relevant and interesting advertisements to our visitors.


Allowing the use of cookies simply allows the site to retain your visitor preferences. This means navigation of the site as well as the complete user experience is overall improved, as your settings are retained for the next time you visit the site.

Cookies by and large are harmless, however there are people who find them intrusive or unwanted. However, it is very easy to block websites from the ability to store cookies on your computer. No matter which browser you use, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE, or Chrome, your browser has the ability to block all cookies or block specific websites you visit from creating cookies. You may also clear already stored cookies through your browser's settings.

You should remember that deleting a cookie deletes your preferences and settings for each website that has cookies on your computer. If you clear your cookies regularly, you will likely find it easier to simply add, and other sites you trust, to a white list which allows you to save your cookies while clearing out and deleting ones from websites you do not use or visit often.

Our Partners

We take pride in offering a great visitor experience and ensuring that our site is fast, safe, and secure. Our site is malware and spyware free. However when people visit our website they will also find content from third party websites and sources. This content includes links to other sites, advertisements as well as services offered by our partners and advertisers. While we do our best to ensure that their added content follows the practices and policies used by we cannot be held responsible for them. is not responsible for the content provided by our partners or advertisers. We do not have control over the content on these third party websites linked to and from our site. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for the practices used by these websites, or the content on them. Their content may change at any time, and visitors should keep in mind that these websites have their own policies regarding Terms Of Use and Privacy. While we do our best to keep these third party websites of a good quality, and quality advertisers, however visitors should always remember that each website is subject to their own policies and terms.

Updates to the Policy

While it is always wise to read and familiarize yourself with the policies of websites you frequent, it is just as important to keep yourself up to date on any changes to this policy. Some websites will notify you of changes, while others will not. Some will only notify you of important changes that impact your rights and protections.

From time to time it becomes important to update the privacy policy. There are many reasons for this. In order to make sure visitors always know if they have read the most recent policy, they should regularly check the updated date on this page. Continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of our privacy policy, so it is important to stay informed and regularly review the privacy policy for any changes.

Contact Us

Visitors can get in touch with us a number of different ways. No matter if they are looking for answers to questions regarding the website, the terms of use, the privacy policy or even the usage of the anonymous data we collect it is easy to get in touch with us.

Even if you simply want to submit a comment, For answers to any questions you may have regarding our Pri comments, or even clarifications on our policies you can contact us via the website

Emails can be sent to You can also reach us via social media on Twitter, GooglePlus and Facebook.