Looking To Get The Most Out Of Your Poker Experience

One of the mistakes that almost all poker instructors tend to make is just assuming that people play online poker to win money. Now some do of course, and others may still maintain this goal while struggling to eventually become profitable.

Others though may have other main goals as far as why they play. A lot of people play for the sake of entertainment, and it’s certainly true that online poker can be plenty entertaining indeed. So these players should primarily look to play games that maximize the amount of fun involved for them.

Others may play for the thrills of risk taking. This is similar to playing for the enjoyment of it, but with risk takers, it’s not necessarily the overall enjoyment that they seek, they mainly like the risks, and perhaps the adrenalin that this produces. A lot of their play may be rather boring in fact, mixed in with enough high energy situations to satisfy their cravings for all of this.

Finding The Right Balance Of Factors For You

Generally though, it’s not so cut and dried, and it’s expected that most of us are looking at a combination of these elements. For instance, we want to make money but we want to be entertained by playing at the same time. Also, within each category lies different levels, for instance some players are out to make money and are extremely determined to do so, while others may take a more casual view.

So it pays for us to ask ourselves what drives us to want to play online poker. It’s very important to be completely honest with ourselves as we do this, otherwise we will just be cheating ourselves.

Making money and being entertained are the two positive elements, and are both things that we should seek, but the proportion that we need to give to each will depend on the player. Those who only are out to maximize their results and are committed to that will probably not want to worry about having fun playing, and may be satisfied with some rather boring and grinding games if that suits their purpose better.

If you find that what you are playing isn’t entertaining enough for you though, then it often pays to look to change things up in order to better satisfy your need for happiness here. You may end up choosing a slightly less profitable form of poker but in doing so you can satisfy your overall needs better

The Thrill Seekers

Part of being entertained for most of us is the thrill of winning, which also involves the agony of defeat as well. Players will have different preferences here, anywhere from wanting to avoid risk as much as possible while still maximizing profit, to an outright thrill seeking rampage.

While too much of this can be pretty detrimental, especially to our pocketbooks, we still have to acknowledge this motivating factor and especially look to understand what role it may play in our own game. A lot of the time, players underestimate how important this is to them, and there’s often a certain threshold of excitement that they need to maintain.

For instance, I always advise losing players to limit their losses while learning to become profitable by playing the lowest stakes. A lot of players simply can’t tolerate stakes where a full buy in is a couple of bucks and the antes are one and two cents. It simply is not exciting enough for them, in spite of being the sensible thing to do money wise.

At the other extreme, you see people playing way over their heads and even risking their whole bankroll on the turn of a card. This of course may be overdoing it, unless this is truly what you want and don’t mind depositing over and over again to get your fix.

It's All About Making Yourself The Happiest

So when you choose the game type you want to play, the stakes you’re happy with, the style you are going to play, and so on, what you really need to do is ask yourself what would make you the most happy.

So I never just assume that my readers are all like my serious students and are only interested in learning to make as much money as they can out of this game, and are willing to make every effort and set everything else aside to achieve this.

Instead, I have learned over the years that there’s a mix of things people are looking for out of playing online poker. So the better you understand what you really want, the better you can look to match what you do with what you want.

In doing this, you will be making sure that your experiences playing poker online are the best you can make them. When you do this, you really help yourself out as far as becoming as rewarded as you can in playing this game, whatever those rewards are.