Mac Poker Sites - Playing Online Poker for Real Money on a Mac

Do you love playing online poker and feel left out because you own a Mac? Then you don’t need to worry any more. On this article you will find information about playing online poker on a Mac system. Having a Mac computer, since it’s a segmented market, you might have reason to believe that it can be difficult finding a poker site to play on, but it really isn’t true. The main reason for this presumption is that Mac OS cannot open and install executable (.exe) files as Windows and Mac operating systems are based on different codes.

However, with that being said, due to technological advancements that is driving the industry of online poker, it has meant there now isn’t much if any difference in playing poker on a Mac. In recent times and especially over the past few years the larger online gaming brands have caught onto the fact that Mac users make up a significant portion of the online poker playing community, and began to realize exactly how much business they were losing by ignoring this segment of the market. As a result, despite the costs associated with developing a platform that was compatible with Mac operating systems, most major online poker companies saw the potential profit to be made by tapping into the Mac market, and therefore went ahead with their plans for creating a Mac compatible version of their software.

Mac Poker Download

Fast-forward to today, and there are now a lot of real money online poker sites that offer Mac software clients for you to download. The sites with a download option that is compatible will have a Mac icon. You’ll find that in many cases the games of the Mac poker client do function very well and like their PC counterparts. Quite frankly, the poker rooms that have not invested time and money into developing a Mac poker platform are not worth playing on since all the reputable and established sites like and PartyGaming have a Mac download.

Take some time and look through the features of the different Mac poker options out there. Even if you don’t happen to see the Mac-compatible poker download available, there will still be options to play online poker on a Mac computer.

Browser-Based Mac Poker

If the poker room doesn’t have a download available for the Mac platform, there are other options. You might have to try out the no download software for yourself. Many online poker sites are accessible to Mac users by simply using a Flash-based software. This means that you are not required to download any software in order to play, and the diverse range of poker games including tournaments and ring games can be played from within the browser. The flash-based games can also be played on a Linux / PC system.

Several online poker rooms offer a "no download" version of their poker client that runs with Java or Flash, which makes it possible for Mac users to simply open up the poker room in their internet browser (Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc.) and play. This instant play option is quick and easy for players so that you can be playing pretty much straight way.

Keep in mind these browser based poker rooms tend to offer limited features, so it is important to do your own research. However, all the games will be the same. If you are running OS X 10.7 or above, then you will not already have Java installed, so you will need to manually install Java that you can download from the Apple website.

PC Emulators

The other option if the online poker room does not provide a Mac poker client or flash-based version is to use a PC emulator. A PC emulator such as “Boot Camp” allows you to operate Windows-compatible programs on non-Windows operating systems. This allows Mac users to execute any program that was exclusively designed for Windows users by switching between OSs. That said, it can be a pretty tedious process just to play a game of poker.

Can I play Mac Poker on a Mobile Device?

Compatibility depends on the operating system on which the online poker room software client runs. So whether you’re playing on a desktop or laptop PC, you should be able to run the poker client, assuming you have a compatible OS. Mobile devices such as Ipad /iPhone operate on different operating systems to your regular computer systems, so there is no certainty as to whether it will actually allow you to play online poker on your mobile, although most sites have mobile compatibility.

Now that we’ve checked out the various ways to play poker online on a Mac, take the download or instant play versions of the Mac poker site’s software for a test drive. It’s very simple to register a free account so you can be playing in no time at all.