Frequently Asked Questions About Online Poker

Below you will find a list of common questions asked by beginner poker players.

How do I know that online poker is fair?

Every online poker site uses RNG (random number generator) software to ensure the cards are dealt in a randomized manner. Independent auditors often check this.

How can I see what the online poker games look like before I join?

Simply download the software of a site, cruise through its various features and even watch a live game in progress.

When can I start playing?

Right now if you wanted to! Simply download the software and choose your game of choice. Pick a seat at the table and select the option to open a new account. Complete the necessary information to register and you are then ready to play.

What is the minimum deposit you can make before you can play real money games?

The minimum deposit at each poker site is dependant on the site and deposit method. At most online poker sites, the minimum you will be able to deposit is $10.

The online poker game I want to play is full. What do I do?

You can add yourself to the waiting list. You will be able to see how many people are waiting for a seat at the table. When a seat becomes available you will be notified and given the option of taking the seat.

What happens when I run out of chips at a table?

To bring more chips to the table simply click on the “Buy Chips” button in any game. In most rebuy tournaments, you will be allowed to rebuy more chips, and the same can be done in regular cash games where you’re allowed to add on more chips at any point up to the maximum that is allowed.

What happens if the poker site crashes in the middle of a hand?

In the unlikely event of a server crash during a game, all sites will restore player accounts to what they were at the time of the interruption. If a player's internet connection was to become disconnected, poker sites are likely to fold your hand.

What is the main difference between ring games and tournaments?

The two man types of poker games that can be played are ring games and tournaments. A “ring game” is a single table game where players play with their own money. You can participate in any ring game as long as there is an empty seat. Unlike ring games, tournaments can either be single-table or multi-table tournaments, and usually 10% of the field will be awarded a percentage of the total price pool.

What types of tournaments do poker sites offer?

All established online poker rooms offer a comprehensive tournament structure, offering both single and multi-table tournaments with variations of each. Some also offer exclusive tournaments where their most loyal players can participate in private tournaments. Some have turbo blind structures to encourage a faster game while all the others have standard blind levels, which is usually in the 12-15 minute range. The main types of tournaments are rebuys/addons, where players are permitted to buy more chips, and freezeouts, where players are knocked out of the tournament once they lose their initial stack.

How do I register for an online poker tournament?

Simply select the tournament that you wish to register for in the tournament lobby. If you are not already signed in, you will need to do so at this point.

Can I play in another poker game while I am playing in an online game?

Yes you can play both in an online poker tournament and as well as in a ring game simultaneously. However, out of respect for other players please be sure not to delay the speed of the online poker games.

How do I set up a play-money account?

You will first need to download the software then navigate to the play-money tables. To do this, once in the main lobby screen, click on the play-money table where you would like to play. Select a seat at the table. Now you are ready to play play-money poker!

Can more than one family member in the same household have an account?

Usually connections from the same physical or IP address are prohibited. This security measure is in place to prevent possible collusion. If you are unsure about whether you can create another account using the same IP address, you should contact support first, before trying to create a different account.

Can I play on a Mac?

Yes, you can play online poker on a Mac system. The no-download version is meant to run on Macs and Linux computers and it provides instant access to the poker room’s online games. In addition, all the top online poker sites have developed poker clients that are compatible with Mac systems.

I'm having problems getting connected. What can I do?

You should have no problem getting connected so email the support team at the site in question who will happily endeavor to solve your problem. There could be some small downtime with the server but you will be able to log back in within minutes.