Everest Poker Review

With so many different poker sites to choose from, it is inevitable that there will be plenty of sites that you have never heard of. The first time I became aware of Everest Poker was when a friend told me he had been using it for a few months. The fact that it had been completely off my radar didn't fill me with a lot of hope or expectation for what the site had to offer but he insisted it was a good option so I checked it out.

The fact that the software is provided by Playtech was a good starting point because at least you have a decent starting point there. The site is licensed and regulated in Malta, which again provides an element of confidence and I decided that there was nothing to lose from checking the site out.


When it comes to poker features, Everest Poker has one of my favourites. I am a big fan of speed poker so I was delighted to see that the site has a good selection of these games. There is also a multi-table element for this style of game and I have found myself using this option quite often. I don't have a lot of time to play long sessions of online poker so the more quick games I can fit in the better and this is definitely the sort of poker style that is best for me.

I have been quite impressed by the amount of features that are available on the Everest Poker site. For a site that hasn't really come to my attention before now, it definitely provides plenty of good options for players. I don't really have much need for the anonymity feature but some of my friends have found it to be a very useful addition. If you are worried about having your poker style sussed, this is definitely the sort of feature that will make a site stand out for you.

One feature that I do like is having the option to link yourself to your friend's accounts so you can see when they are online and follow them. This is handy and it ensures I always know when there is someone online that I know. Add in a fairly comprehensive calendar feature and there is a lot to like about the site. Although I am the sort of poker player that will just grab a few games when I can, it is good to know when there are some big events or worthwhile games coming up and this calendar is really easy to use and follow.


In addition to the big weekly tournaments, as always found on a Sunday, there are races taking place every day on site. This is something that appeals to me because there are times when I will get a run of days when I play poker and then there can be spells when I don't play. Monthly leader board tournaments, available on site, are probably spread out too wide for me to have an impact but the fact that there are weekly tournaments and leader board events is definitely that appeals to me. I like the fact that there is always an incentive to play here. There is just less than $3,000 shared out every week (between the top 40 ranked players) for Sit N Go and Multi-table tournament games. This means that you don't need to permanently on the site to make money and this is where choosing a smaller name poker site can help you to cash in and make a difference to the sort of money that you take away from the site.


There was a slight problem with the Everest Poker site in that there was no option to deposit funds by debit card. I'm more than happy to use my debit card and while I have access to the other methods provided by the site, they are not my preferred way of depositing funds online. There are credit card options and it is possible to use Paysafecard, Paypoint and even Neteller so there are plenty of ways in which a player can deposit funds but debit cards are always a great option.

Once you have funded your account you'll be able to get fully involved and enjoy what is on offer but there is a lot to be said for being comfortable with your deposit options when playing on a poker site.


I like simple bonuses and the Everest Poker site really delivers in this area. The welcome bonus is a 200% bonus, up to a level of $2,000 which is definitely more than enough to get me started. There was no need for codes and while the usual terms and conditions to earning your poker bonus can be found here, there is no real problem or struggle getting your money. I found the site to be very straightforward and if you are looking for a reliable welcome bonus, you will definitely enjoy what is on offer with Everest Poker.

An additional bonus for new players is entry into the $5,000 new player's freeroll event which takes place once a month. Again, it's always good to get something extra for signing up and I felt that this tournament was pretty decent. It isn't going to be a factor that will make or break your decision for signing up to an online poker site but it'll definitely give you an added boost.


If you are looking for a top poker site that you will use most of the time, you wouldn't be looking at the Everest Poker site. However, I'm a player that likes to keep things fresh by changing things about frequently, so having a portfolio of poker sites is something that appeals to me. With this is mind, Everest Poker is going to be an option that most players will be happy with.

The site has a good range of features, it offers a selection of tournaments and poker events and the welcome offer is a solid and reliable one. All in all, there is nothing really bad about the site, not having a debit card option was slightly frustrating but equally, it probably isn't going to be something that makes me avoid the site, as long as there are features that I am interested in. What you get with Everest Poker is a solid and reliable poker option and that is something I am more than happy with.