Editorial Team at USPokerSites.co

The team behind USPokerSites.co is a passionate and professional group of writers, editors, and poker players. They enjoy sharing their hobby with the world and empowering players world wide to succeed playing online real money poker. We are proud to rely on these four highly qualified individuals:

Mark Butler - Editor, Writer, Poker Player

Mark has had a lifelong love affair of card games. The youngest of three boys, poker nights have been a mainstay of family game night. Since the popularity explosion of online poker, there's a whole new platform to encourage sibling rivalry.

All through university, Mark used his talents to help pay his way through school and has found moderate success playing poker professionally helping not only pay off student debts but find a career in poker. Writing about poker has found him a niche where he not only an enjoy helping and teaching others about the game he grew up loving but allows him a job he finds fun and fulfilling.

Mark has contributed to a number of popular poker sites and poker magazines. His lifelong affinity for the game gives him a unique insight to the game, and his degree in Business gives him a unique insight when it comes to poker strategy. As Senior Editor of USPokerSites.co, his skills and background help him organize and guide his team of writers to produce well written and informative articles. And although his new family takes up much of his free time, he still loves playing weekend tournaments and mid stake tables.

Jess Moore - Writer, Don't Mistake Her For A Fish

Jess is a skilled writer, graduated from UCLA with dual degree in Communications and English. She spent many years writing and contributing to online magazines before falling into the world of poker. Her love of writing and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to USPokerSites.co.

Life in Los Angeles gives her a fast paced, no holds barred attitude, where she found her adrenaline fix at the high stakes tables and speed tournaments online. Her love of writing paired with her no nonsense attitude make her one of the best online poker writers. On top of this, her years of experience playing online poker allows her to consistently deliver thoughtful and knowledgeable articles packed with information. When Jess is not at the tables online, you can usually either find her in Las Vegas delighting in sweeping the tables, or at the beach. She has yet to decide if she prefers Santa Monica or Venice, and thanks to the marvels of technology even the most beautiful summer day won't keep her from that huge tournament prize just calling her name.

Joel Brown - Writer, Donk

Joel is the odd duck of the team, with a writing history focused mainly on journalism. From high school all the way to his previous career, Joel has contributed to newspapers, magazines, news websites and even contributes to well known poker blogs now and then.

Poker isn't as much of a passion for Joel as the story is. He's found poker to be a fun past time and when drinking always loves to tell the story about how much exactly he spent on a very old bottle of scotch with the winnings from a particularly impressive tourney. He can get very colorful when describing the fact that “very old” does not immediately translate to “very tasty” though he'll be the first to admit he wasn't sober when he bought it.

Joel may not have the deep seated passion about poker as his colleagues, his love of good journalism and love of the game lends a honest and no nonsense approach to his writing. His favorite type of poker is Omaha, and is always eager to get into bounty tournaments.

Quentin Mayabb - Writer, Math Nerd, Plays Fast and Loose

Quentin is by far the youngest member on our team, although he is the most enthusiastic about his love for poker. His love of poker is obvious through his written word- the passion just exudes through his writing. His excitement about the game is infectious- and his positive attitude means it's very easy for him to draw in new and excited new players.

Talking to Quentin makes just about anyone think they can not only enjoy, but win! Poker writing for Quentin isn't about the game or the website as much as it is a way to draw in new players who will be just as passionate and excited as he is. He's contributed to very well known poker magazines, blogs, and aggregate websites. While his attitude and delight for card games doesn't stop at poker, one of his favorite past times is poker tournaments- especially knockout tournaments and steps tournaments.

Carson Fredricks - Code Monkey, Poker Shark

Carson is the backbone of our small team here at USPokerSites.co. While he has worked his code magic behind the scenes on many websites across the net, his favorite past time off the clock is ring games online.

Of course, any website would be nothing without its coder. Carson is the glue that keeps this site running smoothly, and the geek that loves to confuse all the writers with his programming talk. Fluent in multiple programming languages, design platforms and bilingual, Carson has it all.

When you ask him about his favorites, he prefers Ruby, his stakes medium, his strawberries milkshake and his ladies classy. He's a true child of the net, experienced in programming from a young age- as each language came into its own, Carson dove in head first. He can do just about anything, and his modern attitude translates into many areas of his life. Curious, friendly, and low maintenance, his personality shines through the websites he creates. They are often bright, simple to navigate but welcoming and easy to use.