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Texas Hold'em is a community card game. Five community cards are dealt out, facing upwards, to form a ‘board’. The game is focused equally on the cards which are played and the bets being made. Texas Hold'em is played with 2-10 players on a single table. The aim of the game is simple: try to win as many chips as possible, playing one pot at a time.

Winning the pot can be achieved by holding the best hand or getting all the other players to fold before the showdown takes place. The online poker real money game can be divided into:

Set Up of the Game

The responsibility of dealing is passed from player to player. One player will take on the duty for one hand and then passes it on to the player on the left once the hand is over.

Putting out the Blinds: Once the dealer has been chosen, the online poker real money blinds will be set out. There are two types of blinds in Texas Hold’em – the big blind and the small blind. The player who is seated to the left of the dealer sets out the small blind. The big blind (double the amount of the small blind) is placed by the player seated on the left of the smaller blind. The blind sizes will determine the stakes of the game. Usually, the buy-in amount for players should be a minimum of 100 times the big blind amount.

Settling the Chips: Once the blinds have been set, you will know what chips are required to play. Each player at a table will receive enough chips from each denomination for the game to play out smoothly.

Rounds of Betting

The dealer will deal the first card to the player seated on the left. The cards will be dealt around the table clockwise. The dealer will give each player a card at a time. Each player should have two cards. These are called ‘hole cards’. A hand of Texas Hold’em comprises of 1-4 rounds of betting. A hand comes to an end when every player except one has folded or, the final round of betting ends with multiple players still in the game - whichever of the two happens first.

Preflop: When every player is dealt their hole cards, they are now in the preflop round of betting. Players will have to consider their cards and determine their strategy for the game. Preflop betting begins with the player seated to the left of the big blind. The player can fold, call or raise. The game proceeds clockwise around the table. A round of betting only concludes when all the players have been given the opportunity to act and those who haven’t folded already will be able to bet the same amount in the following round.

Flop: Once the preflop round concludes, the flop is dealt. This occurs when the top card is dealt face downwards on the table (burn card). After this, the dealer puts down three cards, facing upwards. Once this happens, the first round of betting post-flop, starts. The rules of a post-flop round are similar to the pre-flop ones, with one exception - the first online poker real money player to act is the one to the left of the dealer. That player can check or bet. Since no bet has been made before this, the player can call without adding to the pot. The flop amount matches the big blind.

Turn: After the flop round of betting ends, the dealer will place one card facing downwards on the board, followed by another card facing upwards. This is known as the ‘burn and turn’. This kick-starts the third round of betting. The same rules apply to this round, except that the size of the bets in it and the final round are doubled.

River: If multiple players are still in the game, the river card is dealt. This is done in the same manner as in the turn. No more cards will be dealt in the duration of this poker hand. The round of betting is the same as that of the turn round.


Once the final round of betting has concluded, the players will begin the online poker showdown. In this round, the player with the best hand will win the pot. The player who wagered on the river will be the first to disclose the cards. If there were no river-bets, then the player seated to the left of the dealer must reveal the cards first. If a player has a losing hand, he can decide whether to reveal the cards or fold and forfeit the pot.